Quality Policy

Our quality policy is to ensure customer satisfaction by offering quality products in time at competitive prices with an efficient and constantly developing management philosophy with a customer focus in compliance with the laws and standards in effect. It is essential that all our employees, from senior management to the lowest ranking, adopt a Total Quality Philosophy, taking as a basis customer wishes of our customers. In this context, it is our fundamental duty to provide necessary training to all our personnel, and to spread a sensitivity of quality. In this context, Mert Döküm adopts as a principle ensuring customer satisfaction and constant self-improvement to develop level of quality, follow-up of developments in its field, and immediate self-inclusion of all kinds of innovations it believes the would develop its quality. As Mert Döküm, we undertake to fulfill and improve the conditions of our quality management system, to act in a principled and responsible manner, and to mobilize all our resources to this end having united powers particularly as senior management.

Quality Control